My entry for Alakajam 13 (theme "Robots").

TERROBOT uses Small Basic, provided by wixette's interpreter. Unfortunately there is next to no error handling - so I recommend to only write very simple programs... Also, this is a jam game, and far smaller in scope than I wanted - it was originally meant as a full programming game, but due to the time constraints it's more of a proof-of-concept for a puzzle/adventure game with a tiny bit of typing.  It *is* possible to do a bit more sophisticated robot programming, but it's not needed.

Hint 1: You can save your program in one of the slots and then call it instantly via the respective F key! (Web version uses Alt + 1-5 for that.)
Hint 2: You don't actually need to know Small Basic to beat the game.

The WebGL version is the post-jam version - it contains some small bugfixes (you can now absolutely create infinite loops without freezes), but nothing substantial was changed.


Terrobot-0.1.2-Win64.7z 20 MB

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