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I thought this would be quite manic and stressful, but it's really quite relaxing to grow your little garden of trees. Always tempting to overwater, but you'll just drown all the low-lying plants.

My favourite part was seeing how forests and empty plains emerged organically from the simple rules.

The game is fun as it is, but you could make it more of a 'puzzle' game with goals (keep this tile populated with a tree for x minutes) or telegraphing upcoming wind changes in advance so I might try and plot a more complicated cloud route?

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Thanks again for playing!

In the beginning this was planned to be more like a tower defense - you would actually plant the trees (with a limited amount of seeds per round), and each time you have to survive a wave of rain clouds, sun-rays (that potentially can lead to forest fires) and maybe woodchoppers. To emphasize the message of climate change, waves would get crazier and crazier.

So yeah, now it's a relaxed sandbox, but definitely with potential for a puzzle game. I like the idea of forcing certain tiles always being forested. Another idea I just had would be adding huts with little people in it, and those need to be protected from floods.